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Sunny Shade Sails






Sunny shade Sails builds on the 30 years experience of the Australian shade sails system. Our team has elaborated and improved the shade system in order to achieve maximum functionality and visual perfection.

About us

Custom-tailored Designs

Our designers are aware that the sails enhance the architectural appearance of the building and become an integral part, thus their design is adapted to the specifics of the surroundings.


3D Project Design

We believe that it is very important for our clients to visualize the design and construction aspects to enable them to discuss any possible adjustments with our architects. Therefore we are pleased to introduce to you the 3D project design service.

Our Sails

UV Protection

We use only the best shade sail material produced from special virgin high density polyethylene knitted fabric.

Unmatched Warranty

For our shade sail system we provide our clients with a 2 year guarantee extendable to 10 years with a maintenance contract.

Beautiful Structures

The supporting structure can be made from high quality mild steel or stainless steel.  All fittings are provided in corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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Our colours in 2023:
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